My cousin, best friend, everything!

I dedicate this post to one of the best friends I could ever ask for–my cousin. We weren’t always this close… At a youg age, we used to hate eachother and always fight. I used to call her darky and chubby and she called me skinny. Then a miracle happened, we grew up and got closer! And since the past 6-7 years, we shared a lot! We talk about everything, have non-stop arguments, give eachother speeches about life and whatnot… And now it’s been almost two weeks that she moved to Toronto, Canada to continue her studies and hopefully accomplish her goals and realize her dreams, but I’m kinda selfish because I want her back in Montreal. I miss her. So I’m writing this post. And if you’re reading this, never forget that you’ll always be my princess! ❤








POP-UP shop featuring the fierconistas team !!!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for going AWOL for the past months… However, I left you in good hands to bring you the best of our vision through our camera lenses… But now that I’m back, I will update it more often and bring our viewers posts like the Montreal Festival of Fashion & Design, the Formula 1 weekend, and many more.

Anyways, time for great news!!!

On the weekend of 9th September, the Fierconistas team is opening a pop-up shop and guess who’s going to be one of the featuring artists? That’s right — Me!! I just put up a new page to put the pictures of my new jewelry line, RockStr. Make sure you are updated daily for new posts and pictures for our jewelry line.

New Member

Ladies & gentlemen, I am very pleased and excited to announce that we are going to have a new member who will be blogging with us très très bientôt!

Our own, Amanda Lowe, will be updating from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island alongside Meliza and myself. She is a fabulous photographer (specializing in macro), a writer and a talented musician!

You can check out her Facebook profile, her fan page and also her own personal blog.