About Us

 Ali sakha

Growing up as a somewhat nomad person and currently living in a multi-cultural city of Montreal, I have been in contact with all sorts of people. People in general fascinate me. and being a “curious George” like me, I’m easily fascinated by nature in general; people, landscape, etc.

When I’m behind the lens, I tend to follow the allure of fashion and the elegance of nature. I am inspired by the flair of Summer, fascinated by the beauty of Fall, enchanted by the talent of Winter and amazed by the artistry of Spring. My goal is to give the viewers my vision to the best of its extent.


Throughout the 21 years of my life, I have moved from place to place, and currently living in Montreal from the little gentle island of Prince Edward.

I have been interested in fashion for as long as I could remember. From sewing clothes onto barbie dolls to making t-shirts for friends and parties, I was introduced to Panache, a local magazine from Charlottetown, where I modelled for the first time and knew I had to be in the industry.

While being a student in Montreal, it is the love of the culture, the people, the scene and especially the diverse fashion projected to me that was inspiring to photograph as records of everything that attracted my eyes. Therefore, being in a team with Ali Sakha and sharing our ideas and thoughts through the virtual world where everything is easily accessible and especially free, was the perfect idea to keep us occupied.

 Amanda Praxida

Soon to come….


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