Hello everyone!

So this week, there was—once again—a fashion craze going on in downtown Montreal. For those who don’t know, the first week of August every year there’s The Fashion & Design Festival going on. The runway is located on McGill College street and it’s open to public. There are tons of fashionistas, bloggers, photographers and other people of all ages join in to the party and with more than 20 DJs, it really is an open concept party! As for the runways, it is reserved for all north american & european brands to show their new upcoming fall/winter collections. Also fashion students from institutes like LaSalle College and Marie-Victorin Cegep can bring their talents and what they’ve learned on stage.

For this year, as a first major event, we had the honor to present Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection set (Bourgeoises sans âge). As some may know, Mr. Gaultier made an appearance at the Museum of Fine Arts several weeks prior for the exposition of one of his collections. The exposition is there until October 2nd for those who are interested.

Without further ado, here are the pictures…


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