Everybody’s Irish on St-Patrick’s Day

Alright so on March 20th, I assisted the annual St-Patrick’s Day parade held on the first Sunday after St-Patrick’s Day since 1824.
As we all know, Montreal is always ready to rock so when it comes to parades, it is always held on the busiest street in the heart of Downtown. The police close the street for about 15 to 20 blocks so DO NOT expect anything less than pure awesomeness and a LOT of people!
Without further ado, I present to you…

The street was packed on both sides of the curve expanding from Du Fort until Jeanne-Mance.



Ukrainian folkloric dance

A lot of jolly people in interesting attire.

Les amis de la nature.

Queen’s university drumline, pipes & cheerleading squad.

Everyone’s dressed up for the event!

Bird in the sky.
(There were also two fighter jets in the sky, but I didn’t have my camera ready.)

Last but not least…
An officer doing an odd job… Or we can call it a friendly favor!

For more information and pictures, visit the Official Montreal Irish Society.


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